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There have been four simultaneous Kelvins clamoring about within my circuitous professional life, the best known being entrepreneur Kelvin, teacher and professor Kelvin, and student-explorer Kelvin. Those three have often been joined by the fourth Kelvin, a constant but underdeveloped presence: the artist, Kelvin. Collectively, they form the “True We.”


After uni, between 1983 and 1993, entrepreneur kelvin invested in real estate, managed a Canadian honey trading business, and began an education consulting practice. 


In 1993, after the passing of his mother, he joined his first school as an administrator, Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and educator Kelvin emerged. While working at Packer, he edited his first three books, started graduate school, developed his first talk show, began teaching media studies to undergraduates at Hunter College and history to undergraduates at York College, fell in love, and nurtured an appreciation for philanthropy and social enterprise. 


After five years at Packer, in the year 1999, entrepreneur Kelvin began his first technology company and his first charity, bought a house in Florida, spent too much time doing business in Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, and Costa Rica, and negotiated a quiet end to that first technology venture two years later. Beginning again in 2001, his intellectual property interest in a second technology venture was quickly bought out by his partner. Graduate school beckoned again and in 2002, its warmth enveloped student Kelvin in research and writing for the next four years. 


At Columbia, student Kelvin would produce his second talk show, Citizen: The Campus Talkshow, purchase more property, read too many books and write too many jargon-filled sentences. Nevertheless - or as a result - thesis defense succeeded in July 2006, after which time Kelvin fled to Florida to recover. Over the next five years, wandering Kelvin would edit two more books, consult to the Grenada mission to the United Nations, become a visiting scholar at Teachers College, start his third technology company in Grenada, W.I., adopt a puppy he called Bleu, marry and divorce, begin sculpting in steel and acrylic, and by 2011 restart life anew as educator Kelvin at St. Paul’s, an Episcopal boarding school in Concord, New Hampshire. His tenure there would close in 2017, opening again in Miami Country Day School that same year, close yet again in 2019 to begin again in Toronto at Dragon Academy only to devolve into pandemic strife, which would lead directly to entrepreneur Kelvin beginning CaST School and the entire CaST Portfolio in the depths of worldwide Covid-19 fear. 


Entrepreneur, educator, student, artist Kelvin runs CaST Portfolio today, Wednesday 3 March 2021. There is probably more to come.   



BA, Economics, University of Toronto, 1983

EdM, Comparative and International Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2004

EdD, Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2006




Founding CEO, Gemini Partners, Inc., Staten Island, NY

Executive Director, Barrington International, Toronto, ON.

Founding Partner, Foster Sealey, Inc., NY, NY



Diversity Dean; Dean of Students Packer Collegiate Institute

Adjunct Professor, Hunter College

Adjunct Professor, York College



Founding CEO, Falcon’s Wing Wireless, NY, NY

Founding CEO, Wireless Games, Boca Raton, FL



Adjunct Instructor, Teachers College, Columbia University

Adjunct Instructor, New School University


Education Consultant, Grenada Mission to the United Nations

Visiting Scholar, Teachers College, Columbia University



Founding CEO. Transnational Mobile, Grenada, Ltd.



International Programs Director, Instructor, St. Paul’s School



Humanities Department Chair, Miami Country Day School



Head of School, Dragon Academy



Founding Head of School, CaST School

Founding CEO & Board Chair, CaST Portfolio




1996 Alt.Youth.Media, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY, NY 



2007 AIA Conference, Architecture + Education Panel, NY, NY


Live Talkshows and Digital Productions

1996 Obsidian Dialogues at the Schomburg Library, The Artist in Political Struggle, w/ Cornel West & Harry Belafonte, NY, NY.

1996 Obsidian Dialogues at the Schomburg Library, Restoring Hope in Black America, w/Maya Angelou & Cornel West, NY, NY.

1996 Obsidian Dialogues at the Schomburg Library, Jazz and the People, w/ Wynton Marsalis and Cornel West, NY, NY.

1996 Obsidian Dialogues at the Schomburg Library, Politics, Cities & the 21st Century, w/ Cornel West and Senator Bill Bradley.

1997 Obsidian Dialogues at the Schomburg Library, People, Politics & Persuasion, Cornel West, Patricia Williams, Sonia Sanchez.

1997 Obsidian Dialogues at Union Theological Seminary, The Spirit & Faith, w/ Cornel West, James Washington & James Forbes.

2004 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Miller Theater, Columbia University. The Matrix of the Real, w/Cornel West

2005 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Miller Theater, Columbia University, Bodies in Motion: Images of Women in Film & Video, w/ Gloria Steinem, bell hooks & Hyun Kyung Chung

2005 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Miller Theater, Columbia University, Sounds & Silences: Eddie Palmieri on Life and Music,  w/ Eddie Palmieri

2005 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Low Library, Columbia University, The Architecture of Frank Gehry, with Frank Gehry

2005 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Miller Theater, Columbia University, Dance as an Expression of Social Consciousness, w/  Bill T. Jones

2005 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Milbank Chapel, Teachers College, Columbia University, The Haitian Dilemma, w/ Edwidge  Danticat.

2005 Citizen: The Campus Talk Show, Aaron Davis Hall, City University of New York, The Role of the Actor in Social Critique, w/    Roger Guenveur Smith.



2010 - Home, 541s9 series, Teachers College, Columbia University

2011 - Book cascade, 541s9 series, Teachers College, Columbia University


Digital Projections 

2021 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Project Mask4Aid

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